On Interfaith dialogue in Malaysia

Interfaith dialogue in Malaysia is important, if not a prerequisite step to ameliorating societal tensions in Malaysia. However, I would argue that interfaith dialogue is itself problematic on two counts. The first difficulty is that only people of faith (usually narrowly defined as adherents of an Abrahamic faith plus a few major other traditions/religions) are invited. The other is that those invited are often from the moderate wings of religions and are thus more likely to be able to find common ground and be open to the discussion of interfaith issues. This, however, means that these meetings are largely marginal and, in the Malaysian context, not representative of wider society.


One comment on “On Interfaith dialogue in Malaysia

  1. In Malaysia, interfaith dialogue always happen in closed dialogue style.

    We dont like to dialogue openly because there are too many religion in Malaysia, Islam, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, etc. All these religion are consider a major religion in country.

    Some people dont like to make it open because it can stir the political heat and it quite true.

    That how I see the scenario in Malaysia.

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